Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Flan Rodeo: FAIL!

Pumpkin Flan - Fail #1

Pumpkin Flan - Fail #2

During the holidays, I was itching to make pumpkin flan, based on a few different recipes I'd seen. It seemed easy enough, evaporated milk, eggs, pumpkin, etc. The first day, I made a hollow, flat souffle out of it. One of my friends said perhaps some things were better left unaltered. I refused to give up. I tried again. FAIL AGAIN.

The second batch was mush, just gross, lifeless sludge. The third batch was somewhere between the flat souffle and the mush but it was so stuck to the edges of the ramekin, it almost took a chainsaw to get it out of there !!!!

Pumpkin Flan - Attempt #3

 A few weeks ago, I watched Marcela Valladolid make a flan on her Food Network show, "Mexican Made Easy."  Of course, she nailed it, but I did learn the one crucial step that I was missing in my steps to making a flawless flan.  I needed to let it cool in the refrigerator for several hours.  It figures, my impatience got the best of me. 

Will I attempt this one again?  Probably not.  I've had some success with other "foofy" desserts like chocolate souffle that fed my ego (and my belly) sufficiently.  Brenda, you were right...some things are just better left unaltered.

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